Saturday, 12 December 2009

Saturday 12th December

Well Christmas is coming, or so they tell me. The tree is up in reception and there are more toys than normal in the waiting room. I can smell the catnip toys but they are just too high for me to get to, although I keep trying. Wibble seems to have more luck than me at climbling, but her jumping skills still leave a lot to be desired.
One bright winters morning last week I went out for my usual daily constitutional, but to my horror I  quickly discovered that Wibble had been allowed out with me. They seem to think I would enjoy sharing my hunting skills and knowledge of the local area with her, little do they know! She has the hunting etiquette of an elephant. Needless to say there were no mice to be seen for the rest of the day! If they think I'm sharing my feeding ground with that  black whirlwind they can think again!

" I got my own back on him for ditching me! Whilst he was helping wrap some Christmas presents this morning he had gone into the paper carrier bag to check it was empty and  I launched my attack! I haven't seen him run so fast in ages. He's such a wuss!!" Wibble X

I'm off to on a hunt of a different kind present. It must be around here somewhere. I'll let you know how I get on.