Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Spring is on it's way at last! It seems that the neighbourhood is back under control.  No more challenges to my superiority.

My only challenger is the black thing I am forced to live with! She certainly has her moments, especially when she has been on the old catnip!! But put her outside and she's not so brave then. Scared of her own shadow then she is!!

The girls here are disappointed with her too. We now have a demonstration model of one of those new fangled cat flap things. You know the ones, the ones that only let through cats that have their microchips recognised by the flap. They're supposed to stop unwanted visitors coming in and eating all your food. Well, the girls have programmed Wibble's chip to be recognised so she can be used as a demonstrator. Will she play ball? Will she heck!! Won't go near it! I do wonder sometimes as to why she is here. She's not been in a movie like me. Well, it may have only been a training video but it felt like a movie to me!!

Oh well back to my hectic lifestyle.