Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Window On The World

There I was, sitting, watching the rain under the porch, when, behind me,. BANG. Now, of course, I knew she was there all along, but I worked out long ago that although you can see through windows, you can't actually jump through them, unless they're open!! A real Tom and Jerry moment, with small black cat with flat nose sliding down the glass. I still can't work out whether Wibble actually learns these things, and retains them for the usual 6 seconds, or never learns them in the first place.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

In the bad books again!

So the nice man from National Veterinary Supplies came and delivered the practices order. Angela was half way through checking  it when she heard a box of chocolates being opened by Tam and Dexter in the prep room so I thought I would help her out as it was rather a large delivery. I jumped in the box to find that the nurses had ordered me a cat toy loaded with my favourite catnip!! So I showed my appreciation by playing with it and dribbling all over it only to be told that it wasn't mine after all!!  Woops in trouble again!!!