Saturday, 20 February 2010

Taking it easy

Here I am again, back on line. Not been much happening here for months, so I've been taking it easy. Wondering why I can only sleep24hrs a day and not 25. I really need that extra hour to be at my best.
For what? You may ask. For when the vermin wake up! Nothing on the hunting front for weeks. They must all still be hibernating. Open season soon!
Anyway, thought I'd better get my oar in first, and get the blog up to date, as the two legged ones are muttering about getting on line. They already have a website at, but they have also set up a Facebook page this weekend, and are now talking about a Twitter site. I'll have to keep an eye on those. I have a reputation to consider.
Still, if you want the real inside story, you'll always hear it here, straight from the cat's mouth!

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