Wednesday, 28 April 2010


HAHA, Wibble here! While that fluffy thing is napping, i've managed to hack into his blog, to give you MY updates, because they're going to be more interesting then anything that old fluff ball can write mawhahaha. The weather has been getting a bit warmer lately, so all the open windows in the practice are my new cat flap. Now usually the outside seems very scary, but when that bee flew past my face i just had to chase it, outside. While i was out there, i realized it wasn't that scary and my cat flap is always open so i can get back in. After that bee had flown up out of my reach, i looked around the grassy bit at the front of the surgery where i was sitting, there was a strange tall thing sticking up out the ground, i thought, if i climbed it i could get that stupid bee! it turns out, its quite hard to climb, and chase a bee. One minute i was on a branch, the next i was on the floor again, its like the stick thing was moving! so i gave up on that bee, and started playing with a piece of long grass, much easier.
ooh no! snots waking up now, better get off the computer! nobody tell him i was here, he'll never know mwhahahaha 

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