Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tam's Back!

A familiar face returned after disappearing shortly after Christmas. Apparently she (Tam) had been to somewhere called 'New Zealand'. I went to the edge of my car park and looked really hard into the distance but I couldn't see anything that looked like she described. No snow topped mountains, open green fields and sunshine. Also she has aged since going away, everyone is  laughing about her being 40! That actually makes her 6 in cat years so she is a mere youngster! If I were a human I would be 64!!

We've also got more young things around to take everyone's attention away from me. There are 2 black and white kittens, one really cute looking young lady and one mean jack the lad. I think the little spitfire of a boy will be the tearaway sort.....always in trouble and ready for a I think he needs to go and live in the countryside where life is quieter and he can take his frustrations out on the wildlife. The young lady on the other hand is the quiet thoughtful type, quite how they can be brother and sister I don't know. Chalk and cheese! She does tremble when approached by my girls but she soon relaxes when she is fussed and has even been heard to purr. My girls will soon convince her people are good and have their uses. I'm sure my calm, confident self wandering around will reassure her too. Who can resist the charm of a suave sophisticat such as me!

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